Often the word “hospice” is misunderstood or feared. Hospice care is not just for those nearing the end-of-life but provides care, comfort and understanding to family members and loved ones.

Everyone can benefit from a better understanding of what hospice care means. It may not affect you or your family at this time but your knowledge and understanding could allow you to help others or allow you make informed medical decisions in the future.

Let Franciscan VNS St. Francis Hospice address any questions or concerns you may have.  Part of our mission is to inform the community so you are better equipped with correct information regarding hospice care. Our hospice care team coordinates the care of the patient and the family.  We are here to be your support system in that time of need. For more information or questions about hospice care, contact Franciscan VNS at 1-800-HOMECARE or (317) 528-2092.