As we go through life, much of our journey is focused on developing independence. Ironically, we are sometimes called to seek the assistance of those around us in order to maintain this autonomy. Whether that person is an adult child, a sibling, a family member or a longtime family friend, Norton Estate Planning & Elder Law Firm believes that they are godsends, well-deserving of the name “guardian angels.” They protect your dignity and secure your legacy.

Our Guardian Angel Program provides a customized method for delivering you or your loved one’s estate plan. The Guardian Angel Program offers accommodations for persons that have mobility issues or difficulty leaving the home. In addition, our Program has the option of on-site counselling for individuals who live in assisted and independent living communities. The goal for designing these personalized planning options is to accommodate our clients, especially as they age.

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Truth Talk TM

In this initial meeting we assist prospective clients and their trusted helper in the hiring process. Our conversation provides the answers to questions that, we believe, clients would ask about the entire planning process, if they knew had the experience and knowledge of the estate planning attorney. We strive to give the prospective client and client family a complete understanding of the various planning options BEFORE they settle on a specific one.

Discovery Dialogue TM

Before starting the technical process of planning, it is important for our firm to get a sense of the client, the client’s family, and the motivation for the planning. In this meeting, the firm seeks to uncover and set goals, as well as establish the expectations of the firm and the prospective client. Then, the firm and the client (or client family) discuss fees and develop a timeline for the estate plan’s creation and delivery.

Counselling & Design TM

In this meeting, the firm adheres to the goals that were set in the Discovery Dialogue TM and begins the process of counselling the client’s personal estate plan. At the conclusion of this stage, the firm and client set a date for the firm to present the client with their personalized estate plan. The firm reviews how the plan will work: (1) during the client’s life, (2) in a potential disability situation, and (3) upon the client’s death.

Financial Strategies Session TM

For any estate plan, the key to success is proper asset ownership and coordination. Therefore, in this meeting, the firm and the client begin coordinating the financial assets with the estate plan. If the client/client family has a financial advisor or certified professional accountant, this is the time for the professional team to collaborate and confirm that the client’s financial intentions coincide with their personal goals.

Empowered Legacy Session TM

Your plan should reflect the legacy your life is establishing. In this session, the firm conducts a family meeting to engage your loved ones in thoughtful conversation and empower those (guardian angels) tasked with carrying out your financial and non-financial goals.