We believe that estate planning should provide you with a plan that reflects who you are, maximizes your control during life, protects you and your wishes in the event of a disability, and include your specific instructions for carrying out your legacy after death. Our Legacy Program is designed to uphold these values and provide clear steps for the initial creation of your plan, maintenance of the plan once in place, and assistance with the plan’s administration upon your passing.

Acquiring an estate plan is not a mere transaction; it is a project. In our Legacy Program, we believe that more than one or two meetings is necessary for creating the plan that will care for you and your loved ones. Every family situation has its complexities, so we want to take the time to learn what makes you and your family unique. Below is our complete process in designing a customized estate plan and a brief summary of each meeting.

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The Truth About Estate Planning TM

This initial meeting can be held one-on-one or in an educational group format. During this time, we assist clients in their hiring process by providing the answers to questions that, we believe, clients “would” ask about the entire planning process, if they had the experience and knowledge of the estate planning attorney. We strive to give the prospective client and client family a complete understanding of the various planning options BEFORE settling on a specific one.

Additionally, before beginning the process of planning, it is important for the firm to get a sense of the client, the client’s family and what has motivated the planning. In this meeting, the firm will seek to uncover and set goals, discuss fees and establish the expectations of the firm and the prospective client.

Counselling & Design TM

In this meeting, the firm adheres to the goals that were set in the prior meeting and begins the process of counselling the client on their personal estate plan. The firm and client will work to co-create the client’s legacy and a develop a process to address the client’s estate (1) during the client’s life, (2) in a potential disability situation, and (3) upon the client’s death.

Counselling & ReviewTM Meeting

In this meeting, the firm will present the client with their personalized estate plan and review how the plan will work: (1) during the client’s life, (2) in a potential disability situation, and (3) upon the client’s death. It is also an opportunity to make any adjustments or refinements to the plan.

Financial Strategies TM / Funding Forum TM

For any estate plan, the key to success is proper asset ownership and coordination. Therefore, in this meeting, the firm and the client begin coordinating the financial assets with the estate plan. If the client/client family has a financial advisor or certified professional accountant, this is the time for the professional team to collaborate and confirm that the client’s financial intentions coincide with their personal goals.

Empowered Legacy TM Session

Your plan should reflect the legacy your life is establishing. In this session, the firm conducts a family meeting to engage your loved ones in thoughtful conversation and empower those tasked with ensuring that your financial and non-financial goals are carried out.