Norton Estate Planning & Elder Law Firm is committed to helping individuals create a personalized estate plan that meets their expectations.
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The firm is comprised of professionals who believe in
education, maintenance, and collaboration.


All too often, estate planning is reduced to filling in forms with very little counselling. This causes individuals with varying family circumstances to end up with similar-looking plans that are impractical for their distinct and real needs.

We believe that the only way to make a decision on the type of planning that will honor one’s personal goals and expectations is to first fully understand how the estate plan operates during life, in the event of a disability, and at death.

Therefore, before engaging Norton Estate Planning & Elder Law Firm to assist with any planning, we conduct a session on The Truth About Estate Planning TM. Our mission is to educate prospective clients on the estate planning process by addressing topics such as: wills, trusts, guardianships, powers of attorney, and attorney’s fees. During this introductory meeting, we hope to empower your decision in selecting an appropriate estate planning attorney.

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Studies have shown that roughly 60% of Americans do not have an estate plan in place. Of those individuals that do have some type of plan in place, less than 50% are up-to-date.

Our philosophy is simple. The only constant in life is change.

We believe that in order for an estate plan to meet your expectations, the plan must reflect your most current goals. As such, Norton Estate Planning & Elder Law firm offers its clients a system that regularly reviews and updates the estate plan. As we anticipate changes in the law, we also consider the natural changes of a family’s structure, dynamics, and goals.


An estate plan is typically designed to handle the transfer of one’s financial assets and to proactively place trusted people in a position to handle those assets in the event of disability or death. Once prepared, however, there tends to be little coordination between the finances and/or the financial professionals that are managing those assets. Without this coordination, it becomes extremely difficult to ensure person’s assets are controlled by their personalized instructions.

Norton Estate Planning & Elder Law Firm believes that an adequate estate plan is designed to guard one’s financial and non-financial goals in tandem. This comprehensive approach requires a sincere and strict collaboration between the legal team and the financial professionals–whether a financial advisor, certified public account (CPA), or both. We also believe in extending these same standards of collaboration to the trusted family members (or family friends) who have been assigned to manage the plan in the event of a disability or death.

Therefore, our firm partners with financial professionals, local companies, and community organizations in order to provide educational programs that touch on the topics of wealth, health, and aging.